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Ash, Craig & the Guinea Pig

Ash, Craig & the Guinea Pig


Are you the sort of person that loves signing up for medical research for extra cash.  Want to donate your mind or just a couple of brain cells for radio research?  Then this might be your cup of tea,  Ash, Craig and Crew are looking for guinea pigs to test  out some of the greatest games ever played on Australian Radio.  We need to make sure that it doesn't hurt before it goes to air (that was a joke).  We need guinea pigs ready to rock right now.

Well not real guinea pigs, guinea people is what we need.  (and if we mentioned money, we were only joking about that too).

PS: No guinea pigs have been or will be harmed and no gaff tape has been involved.

Become a Rebel FM Guinea Pig Person now, fill in the form and hit the rat 

wheel ready for when we call.

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