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What the hell is #FKL?

What the hell is #FKL?


So what’s this #FKL all about?

The team at Logan’s Rebel 90.5 FM know what it is, but do you? We’re giving away fuel to listeners who can correctly guess what #FKL stands for.

I can tell you that #FKL isn’t #Fruity Kind Llamas.
It’s not even #FUN Kid Lamps.

It does stand for something and if you guess it, or even get one word right, you’re filling up on us.

So what do you reckon it stands for?

Have your guess here and get ready to win with Logan’s Rebel 90.5FM. Keep coming back because if no one is getting it right we’re going to start listing the clues RIGHT HERE!

F: ???

K: ???

L: ???

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