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Free promo video!

Free promo video!


Get your free video & double the effectiveness of your advertising.

A mistake that many businesses make is to try a lot of different marketing strategies and decide what works best. Unless the gods are smiling down on you or you’ve got a gigantic budget, you are destined to fail.

If you only have a small budget, you need to concentrate your efforts on building your brand long term to create awareness and be top of mind when people move through the buying cycle. If you can adjust your sales or call to action campaigns to fit your best buying times to boost your income.

If you have a small budget, keep your messaging simple and keep it the same across all platforms you choose to advertise with.

Did you know that research has proven that people retain 20% of everything they hear? They only retain 10% of what they read. So If you’re planning on advertising your business, studies show that the best return on investment is Radio + Digital. (Radio Insights, Colmar Brunton 2017)

Right now we’re offering our advertisers a free video of their radio commercial, so your customers get to HEAR your message on radio and SEE it on Social Media.

HEAR + SEE = 40% retention of your message!

Find out about our free video of your commercial offer now when you book your radio advertising with Rebel FM.

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