Business support with Holly Walton

Find out how to support your business during the pandemic.

Listen in With Leo Clayton to Find Out How You Can Stay Up to Date on Your Study Materials

Find out how Logan City Council is helping to keep students and parents connected to free learning materials.

Join Leo Again on Studiosity

Leo Clayton explains how any student from Prep to University can get online assistance for homework, essays and assignments.

Logan Library 's Still Open Just Online

Logan Libraries are still providing lots of online resources such as e-books, e-audio books, movie streaming or even listening to music. On top of this, the staff are more than happy to have a chat and recommend you your next favourite book, movie or song. It’s as simple as a call or email.

Interview with Logan City Mayor Darren Power

Logan City Mayor Darren Power says residents are delighted that Logan will re-open its parks and libraries on Saturday – with physical distancing measures in place of course. It’s Logan’s response to Stage One of the State Government’s Road Map to easing COVID-19 restrictions. The mayor says the community has done exceptionally well in following all the health guidelines to put Logan in a position of being able to re-open some of our facilities. For full details on Council facilities and services check out Council’s website –

Why you need to microchip your pets

Jackie Heal from Logan City Council talks about micro-chipping your pets. It is one of the most important things you can do to make sure your pets return to you safely if they ever get out.

Think about what you flush it could cost you

Learn what you can and can’t flush to help keep not only your city but your house clear from blockages that could cost you thousands.

What's happening behind the scenes to make sure you get nothing but the best water

SEQ Water uses a small army every day to make sure you have fresh and clean water just so you can have a daily shower or wash your hands. Click the interview above to learn more.

Innov8 Logan Community Group

Listen in with Justin Thiang to hear how his team are helping to innovate Logan with great ideas. Take part in community gatherings to find out what the people of Logan want to make where you live better.

Controlled Burning with Marissa Dyba

Controlled burning or back burning is a key to help prevent and minimise the damage caused by bush fires like the ones so many Australians were affected by and are still affected by from earlier this year. Listen in with Marissa to find out why controlled burning is so important in Logan.

Leo Clayton updating us on Logan's Libraries

Leo Clayton joins us to give us an update on our local libraries re-openings. Sadly not everything will be the same but all the lovely staff are there to help, and if you enjoy the online services Logan libraries have been supplying then get ready to enjoy more as even more content such as audio books, e-books and other electronic services are being put online.

Cr Laurie Koranski updating us on what facilities are opening back up

The long wait is finally over, after all this quarantine time the Logan Recycling Market has opened back up fresh with stock and new bargains. But this isn’t the only facility opening back up to the public. Listen here with Cr Laurie Koranski to find out more details on what is opening and where.

Logan Libraries Digital Membership

Logan Libraries have reopened but now implementing some of the hard work done during COVID-19 they will be offering all previously offered resources. Almost as if your going the the library from home, all you need for this is your Logan Library membership card and you’re good to go. Listen to the full interview with Leo Clayton here.

Here's How Logan Libraries Can Help Stimulate Learning These Holidays

Keep the kids occupied these school holidays with some borrowable robots that act like little books and pick up some activity sheets. Not up for dropping in to your local Library? No problem just visit for some online learning resources such as educational books or a home learning service. Listen to the full interview with Leo Clayton for more information here.

Support Volunteers by nominating them here

Volunteers support so much of our community. Nominate someone you’ve noticed making Logan a better place.
Listen to the full interview here.

Slacks Creek Greenlink

Deputy Mayor Jon Raven joins us to discuss the opening of The Slacks Creek Greenlink. This new walking and biking path connecting Compton Road and Moss Street is the perfect place to engage in exercise and connect with the natural environment. Jon also lets us know about Demeio Park in Marsden and its 220m of pathway designed to look like a road with mini versions of the Gateway Bridge and iconic Logan River Red Bridge.

Jamie Dow Discussing Businesses Reopening

Jamie Dow from the Logan Office of Economic Development joined Joel to discuss businesses reopening after COVID-19. Jamie discusses the importance of creating or updating your business plan and how to market your business in the post COVID world.

Fire Safety Tips with Jodie

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