Ash Jodie and James take up the challenge of keeping staff morale high during work from home

Like many businesses caught up in the Pandemic, we’re creating fun ways to get through each day. With 70% of our workforce now home based, the distance and lack of socialisation that normally happens in our office and studios is taking its toll on many of our employees.

Normally a radio station is a fun, creative, loud and noisy place to work, but with just a few people left coming to work each day, it can be a little sombre. It’s difficult for those left behind and for those working at home to adjust to new routines and video conferencing.

We’ve come up with fun ways to keep the mood high, from regular meetings to squat challenges on the hour on video. Last week we decided to scavenge about in the dress up box (Yes, thanks to Ash, Jodie and James we have one of those) and came up with Easter Bunny ears. It just makes the day seem a little happier!

Scott Hopkins, our sales executive has kept the memes going about Coronavirus on our group social media pages and seems to have started a challenge. So we wanted to thank him for the laughs and decided to award him with his own CoronaVirus hand out package! Thanks to Ash, Jodie and James for delivering and filming.

Video from Ash re Scott Collecting his package.