“No stop sign, speed limit. Nobody’s gonna slow us down”

Let there be SOUND!!! Let there be ROCK! AC/DC Day is BACK for the 7th year on Rebel FM June 11 12PM-12AM

12 Hours of non-stop high voltage beer drenched rock and roll, on air, online, on I Heart Radio & via a monster live event at the legendary Beenleigh Tavern.

Nothing but AC/DC all day on the same radio station !? Yes! Crazy!! What started as a silly idea on the Rebel Breakfast Show way back in 2016, then ballooned into an annual 24 hour phenomenon.
Davo was just trying to get an extra public holiday in the national calendar, but along the way Acca Dacca Day became more than just a stunt, it became an institution. It somehow metamorphosed into a connection beyond just music & radio & continues to grow each year.

AC/DC day has even made it across the world, with expats and o/s fans tuning in online for the event & sending in photos of them in Rebel & AC/DC shirts in far flung locations across the globe.
It’s gained an audience par none for The Rebel with internet streaming stats consistently breaking Australian records each year.

Not even a Pandemic could stop us, in 2020 we still partied on & brought the ACDC live stream event to your screens, with The Poor playing live, bagpipers, skateboarders doing stunts & guests galore. In 2021 just as we emerged from lockdown, we scaled back to a 12 hour event & changed the annual date from June 13 to the 2nd Saturday of June. A day nighter if you will. If it works for cricket why not?
To celebrate our freedom & new format we threw one of the best parties Queensland’s ever seen. In 2022 we rock again, with a huge on air lineup and a monster live event at the Beenleigh Tavern.

Acca Dacca Day’s been endorsed by former PM Scott Morrison, Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate & more pollies than a bag of crackers could handle. Plus the likes of Tom Morello, Chris Cheney, Santana, Barnesy, Joan Jett, Dave Gleeson, Garry Beers of INXS, Angry Anderson, Mark Evans, Dave Evans, Phil Rudd, Papa Roach, Suzi Quatro, Airborne & so many more. AC/DC’s legacy is indelible.

AC/DC aren’t just a band they’re a feeling, a connection, a pedal to the floor fist pumping rock and roll explosion. “No stop sign, speed limit. Nobody’s gonna slow me down”

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