With the local Canungra doctor having to move from his current location and having nowhere to go, he approached the owner of the last commercial block of land in town, Jean Comley and asked if she would be interested in building a new facility. A big ask it may seem but not too big for the likes of this wonderful lady who spoke with her son and her bank and between the three of them they brought the The Millpark Legacy Building to life.

It did take a couple of years and no doubt some tears to reach completion but the building is now home to the Canungra Valley Medical Centre offering locals and visitors alike peace of mind when it comes to their health.

The centre is a little like the tardis where it looks quite small and quaint from the front but it is much bigger and extends back beyond view and now has enough size for an extra treatment room plus Pathology and visiting Allied Services.

At 77 years of age, Jean is a petite softly spoken lady but certainly has a strong mind, a strong sense of community and a big heart paying tribute to her late parents with the name of the building.

Take a listen to my interview with the lady herself to find out more.