Whether it be a change for the environment or a change for your piggy bank, be the change and support Containers For Change.

With 10 cents refunded for each container, it doesn’t take long for the coin to add up so if you’re trying to teach the kids about saving and looking after their environment there is no better way to do it than by supporting the Containers for Change scheme and it can be done in three easy steps….

1. Collect eligible containers
2. Take to a container refund centre
3. Collect your refund or choose to donate to an organization of your choice.

You can collect cold hard cash or set up an account that money can be deposited into.

I had a chat with Adam Nicholson from Containers for Change about the scheme and what we can do to help the environment, community organizations, and our own bank balances as well as learning about what we can recycle which you can check out in the video below.

Containers For Change is also creating business and development opportunities and jobs and I had the chance to speak with Adam Nicholson, Containers for Change, and Leigh Armstrong, Owner of the Loganholme Containers for Change drop off point about those opportunities as well as the environmental change that is starting to take place since the scheme began. Take a listen to our chat below.

For a Containers for Change drop off point near you or to simply find out more information head to www.containersforchange.com.au/qld/