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Rebel FM is committed to helping new and emerging Australian artists and those from around the world.

How to submit your music for airplay:

Bands and solo performers can submit music for airplay consideration. Only bands or performers that meet the rock genre will be considered for airplay on Rebel FM.

If you have a gig coming up, you can submit details of your gig on our Facebook page at

As we receive thousands of applications each year, it is important to understand that we have limited availability and not everyone is going to get airplay or extended airplay on our radio network. We are unable to provide feedback or replies to all applications.

New and existing Australian bands will be considered for Home Brew which airs each Sunday night on our stations.

To apply, please fill in the following details and link your spotify, soundcloud or other streaming service or provide a link to a high quality download (320kb/s MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, OGG)


Submit for Airplay

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