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The rockstar start to your day

Weekdays 5 am - 9 am

Ash, our loveable larrikan is joined by Jodie and  James and the Rock Crew for four hours of great entertainment and rock music. Tackling the big issues, with humour is what it's about, but also is staying true to the music. While everyone else is talking, we're getting back to the music faster. And we don't skimp on rock either.  We roll out the biggest selection of classic rock through to today's new stuff every morning.

Ash has had just about every job under the sun, but has been rusted in at the Rebel for over a decade and a half.  He's our hyperactive kid, trapped in a man's body. Jodie joins the crew after living out in the bush to bring that genuine country girl vibe and to keep Ash under control! Get ready to wake up with a smile on your face with Ash, Jodie and James for Breakfast. Bringing you the great rock you know and love on Rebel plus the laughs to get you up and about as you get ready for your day.

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