The Music industry is sending out an SOS . The hard-working people who provide the soundtrack to Australian life need your help, right now.

Australian artist crew and music workers are among some of the most vulnerable with regards to job stability and mental wellbeing. Almost overnight, COVID19 has devastated the industry, leading to the cancellation of thousands of events and threatening the livelihood of an entire sector.

These people have lost income that cannot be replaced.

The music world has historically banded together to donate time and money to those in need, as seen recently with bushfire relief. Now they need the Australian music-loving public to do the same.

This is a real and present crisis, and this is a very real SOS.

If we don’t act now – and soon – the only sound we’ll hear in future? Silence. You can help save live music, help our artists and crew in a few ways. Get all the info at

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