If your business is doing it tough right now and you need to bring in more customers the best thing you can do is advertise.  The only way to get more people coming through your door, visiting your website or calling you is to tell people that you are open for business.

Cinderella would never have found her Prince Charming if she’s stayed at home by the fireside.  

Owning a business is not a fairytale. Nearly half of all businesses that start in Australia have closed their doors within the first 2 years, half again of the remainder in the next five years.  So if you’ve past that five year mark, you are doing well.  

If you’re ready to grow your business, we can help.  Our business account managers are trained in building business using radio and digital marketing strategies, so whether its radio advertising to build your brand (it’s the most cost effective way to do it) or Google Ads, re-marketing campaigns or even Facebook Ads, we can offer you free advice on how to get your share of the market.

Take that first step, glass slipper in hand and together we can show you how to turn your business into ‘happy ever after!’.

Fill in the information below and we’ll organise your local account manager to give you a call.  Or contact us now on 07 566 566 00


Starbright Dental has been advertising with Rebel FM since 2018. Not only do I see a return on investment, the team are easy and professional to deal with. My radio leads are a huge percentage of my new patients. I highly recommend them to any business that need to get their message out to the Gold Coast Community.

Jo Browne

Starbright Dental

The team at Rebel FM has been amazing, we’ve seen results over a six month period working with this team.  We started advertising and people started coming in asking about our products.

Danica Vucic

Air Smart

Mechanical, Southport.
I have advertised with the team at Rebel FM for many years.
My public profile has increased hugely, people repeat my tag lines to me all the time. The other day friends playing a board game with people I didn’t know, had to repeat a slogan and “we won’t rip you off girls” was used, and everyone knew it.
I am so glad I took the step to advertise with Rebel FM and will continue to do it, hopefully making my business more successful after the corona virus.

Sharon Rosenblatt

Commodore Wreckers

We have been advertising with Rebel since 2012. Radio is a major pillar of our marketing strategy and the team at Rebel have been fantastic. During a period out of my control, we had to halt advertising on the Radio and noticed a significant downturn in enquiries and revenue for the period we were off the air. Once we were back on the air things started to pick back up again. I would not hesitate in recommending the team at Rebel for your Radio needs and look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Gary Mays

Why Wait Plumbing

Our recent expo was a huge success! We had over 80 people through and we sold over 12 boats with some people still negotiating and engaged with our sales team.
It was a great vibe on the day, with Davo, Nathan, Jake and yourself present on the day assisting with activities as well as the guys from Monster Energy drinks adding to our Expo atmosphere. We greatly appreciate the efforts from your team particularly Ash’s and Davo’s on air promo’s as well as taking the time out to visit our dealership and get to know all our staff and our business, your team just went that little bit extra and that is greatly appreciated.

David Edwards

Gold Coast Boating Centre

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