Being an essential service, Lifeblood’s doors are still open and with safety a top priority at Lifeblood, all Covid protocols are in place.

Lifeblood is always looking for new donors so if donating is something you have thought about but never done, why not find out today if you are eligible to give blood.

Have you had the Covid vaccine recently? No worries! You can donate 7 days after your vaccine.

Why not head to the website to learn more about eligibility, how your blood is used and how you can go about making a donation on your own or by getting a group together.

I now have the Lifeblood app on my phone which keeps track of my appointments and when I am able to make another donation.

On my last visit to lifeblood I donated plasma. My app lets me know that in another 8 days I can donate more plasma or I can donate blood again. It is now just part of my routine in life.

Head to the website to find out all you need to know and when you are ready to donate, download the Lifeblood app and simply make an appointment there or you can call the team on 13 14 95.