The Rebel Radio Network this week released on social media it’s #flowersforthe frontline to show those people that serve us each day that we appreciate them. Whether it’s virtual flowers or real flowers, we chose daisies to represent the movement. Daisies symbolise new beginnings and represents maternal strength. Today we can’t wrap up those we care about in a hug, but we can show them how much we care.

Flowers for the frontline was created after an incident at a shopping centre and reminded us that despite the fact that we are all in this together, that the stress brought on by the current changes in our world can bring out the best and the worst in us all.

Rebel Radio Network’s Lesley McDonald’s husband, Scott, had stopped in at the grocery store to grab a few things and as he was walking in he passed a young woman employee of the store crying out the front of the supermarket. Just minutes before this young person had been verbally abused by a customer. Whether it was out of frustration at being limited in her purchases or another reason, the customer took out their frustrations on a young person who was doing their best in a terrible situation. It was too much for this young lady serving us daily on the front line and she broke down in tears.

Scott was moved to action and after buying the items we needed at home, he added a bouquet of flowers to his bill and asked the lady at the check out to pass on the flowers to the young girl. He didn’t need to be thanked personally, he just wanted to show his appreciation at what this young girl and others do every day to help us through our daily struggles.

All it takes is a small gesture, a thank you, a bunch of flowers to make a difference to someone’s day. When he told me over dinner that night what he had done I couldn’t have been more proud. In that one moment, my husband had shown me that it’s not hard to bring out the best in yourself and the idea of Flowers for the frontline was born.

Lesley McDonald thought if people all over the country had the opportunity to buy a bunch of flowers and have it sent to someone on the frontline it would make a big difference to our frontline people, shopkeepers, nurses, paramedics, police, defence force personnel and to the millions of other people that keep turning up to help us when we need it.

Cheryl Jowitt, General Manager of Rebel Radio Network, the group that owns and operates commercial radio stations, Rebel FM and the Breeze said “Here’s an example of how our company culture of social inclusivity is working. We are so happy to be able to support this initiative of Lesley and her family.”

“With so much negativity and misinformation in news media and social media surrounding Coronavirus, it’s important that we encourage kindness and compassion and impact the negative energy of those around us.” Cheryl Jowitt said.

Flowers for the Frontline. Show your support and when you can buy flowers. If you can’t just say ‘thank you’. Those two small words can make a world of difference to the people on our frontline.

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