Ash and I had the pleasure of taking a lovely little leisurely drive through the Gold Coast Hinterland to check out the opening of The Gold Coast’s Motor Museum.

The brainchild of brothers Carl and Grant Amor. With a surname like that, it would seem that everything these brothers do is done with love.

The Museum has been filled with Carl and Grants personal collection and holds many more pieces of history than just cars. Boats, bikes, candy machines, toys and even fashion adorn the museum floors.

Set in the hinterland at the base of Mount Tambourine the museum is accompanied by a barn style restaurant and bar with alfresco seating where you can dine and take in the beautiful relaxing atmosphere for lunch and dinner.

Keeping real to their passion for all things old, the brothers have recycled and repurposed much of what you see on the grounds. From the showroom itself that was going to be demolished before being lovingly saved, dismantled and put back together again after it’s trip from NSW to the 100 plus year old trusses and timber walls and the original and authentic photos that grace the walls of the restaurant and bar, whether you love cars or a place abound in history or just a beautiful drive and dining experience with a unique feel, you will certainly feel amor for this wonderful treasure now located on the Gold Coast!