I don’t think I could find a truer statement for those who cook with Love and then share that food and love to those who need it. A place that came up on my radar recently landed me on George Street in Beenleigh speaking with Nikki about all the love that goes in to the food and the community of Beenleigh through Cafe Edge.

Cafe Edge is unique in that it is a restaurant for all plus with profits made from the cafe there is a special program bringing the homeless in and feeding them and bringing them together over a meal. One thing Nikki is adamant to do is to break the stigma attached to homelessness as one fact is really quite simple….

It could happen to any of us any day! Everyone has a different story and it’s important judgement is put aside and love and understanding is given to those who need it and that is exactly what Cafe Edge is doing! So edgy!
Find out more by listening to the interview below and be sure to check out the photos and then just check Cafe Edge out for yourself.