Established in 2007 and recognised as one of Australia’s largest male based community development organisations, the Australian Mens Shed Association was founded on the principle of sharing information between sheds and those communities wishing to establish and operate a Men’s Shed. It acts as a central hub for information exchange.
Men’s Sheds play an important role in the prevention of social isolation and the promotion of positive health and wellbeing amongst men.

The Men’s Shed motto is Shoulder to Shoulder although perhaps in this current climate it should be elbow to elbow, whatever the case, it’s wonderful to see more men coming together, working together and talking together.
I caught up with Club Secretary of the The Village Men’s Shed in Logan Village to find out more.
Take a listen to my catch up with Andy and check out the photos to find out more or if you just
want to give him a call you can do that also on 0402 897 900.