In 2004 Lighthouse Care was established by a handful of people that were dedicated to making a difference in their low socio-economic and disadvantaged community. Over 15 years ago donated bread was given out on Saturday mornings from an old van, now Lighthouse Care offers locals in Logan the opportunity to get a whole trolley of food for only $25 and up to 70% off a wide range of groceries & personal care items. They often they give away free fruit and vegetables and offer different specials every week.

Lighthouse Care has grown to over 8000 members and assists over 1000
families every week right across South East Queensland.

Ash and the Team from the Rebel Breakfast Show paid a visit to Lighthouse Care and help create awareness within the community of the great work this organisation is doing in our local community.

Logan’s Lighthouse Care service is open to everyone, no matter background, financial status or religion. Everyone is welcome and eligible to use the shop or come down and enjoy a coffee and a chat.