Tomorrow is National Puppy Day, and it’s not just about celebrating our newest furry family member. However, that is encouraged, it’s also about bringing awareness to the plight of puppies being sold by illegal breeders. Many of which are kept in terrible conditions.

When you make that important decision to add a dog to your family you are encouraged to go to your local animal shelters, you never know who might fall in love with you and allow you to take them home. Many organisations, including many councils, keep their websites or Facebook pages updated with current dogs looking for homes.

Even if you have a certain breed of dog that you desire, still check the shelters first because you just never know what dogs they have. If you decide to find a breeder, please research and only ever purchase from a licensed and reputable breeder.

Organisations like RSPCA Queensland have special campaigns running in line with National Puppy Day.

This year the charity is calling on prospective pet owners to consider adopting a POG (a dog too old for puppy status, but still an adolescent) for National Puppy Day and they’ll even throw in some free training.

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